The Security and Surveillance Systems of Future

In today’s world where crime and terrorism seem to be omnipresent, surveillance technology becomes a mandatory requirement. The security cameras placed in public places are laced with the latest technological features. As they have become the lifelines of individuals, businesses, and countries, the governments are having proper security cells for them. The US government cybersecurity is known to be one of the best in the world.

The technology is ever-evolving and with further advancement in modern electronics, we will only see better security and surveillance systems in future. Here is what is expected of these systems in the near future.

  • The cameras will become invisible in future. This is required because easy-to-spot cameras of the present are prone to vandalism. The researchers are busy finding ways in which these recording devices will disappear from plain sight and keep doing their jobs without being prone to damage or tinkering.
  • With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming prominent in the future security systems, all the data collected through various methods and devices will be sifted through it. AI will be making decisions rather than humans. This change can be both interesting and troublesome depending on how it spans out in future.
  • Today all public places are under constant surveillance. These systems make use of hundreds of cameras and it requires a lot of eyes to keep a watch on the feed of these cameras. Employing hundreds of people to just keep an eye on feeds is not feasible. Moreover, they can’t be attentive throughout. Thus, the future systems will come with Automated Warning and Response Engine. This technology will help in mapping out the entire feed with all the cameras in action to a single moving image, which can fit on one TV screen.
  • Many countries already have an enormous number of cameras like in the UK there is roughly one camera for every 14 people. It is predicted that there is a software under development that will be capable of monitoring and profiling every single soul present on Earth. The law enforcement agencies will highly benefit from it as they will then have all the required intelligence to control crime before it happens.

Technology is ever-evolving and the one used in surveillance systems is no different. It is getting faster, smarter, and affordable. There are many predictions about the security and surveillance systems of the future, but only time will tell what will actually happen.

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