Revamp and Re-launch Website for Great Performance and User Experience

Overtime your website conveys a message that it is not trendy, so it is time to revamp then re-launch for great impact. For e.g. the speed of your old site may not be optimized, so forty percent visitors will leave thus increasing your bounce rate. You cannot afford to maintain an outdated website with high bounce rate.

Re-launching website may seem overwhelming but follow the simple rules to make it stress-free and successful.

Get familiar with crucial benchmarks

Jot down the average time visitors spend on your website, traffic bounce rate, and other stats to get an ideal scenario of how to revamp and re-launch. You get a base line, so as to create a few split testing models.

Research and goals

Identify your target audience and set some goals. Study competitors website setup, most visited pages and even perform intensive keyword research. With this data set solid goals like –

  • What you desire to accomplish from your website re-launch?
  • Do you wish more conversions?

Write your goals and work towards how you will gain it!

Let existing customers know

You already have long-term loyal customers, who are connecting with your brand through your website. They deserve to get familiar with your plans about website revamping & re-launching. Email a short note to all your social media followers and existing customers. Tell them your redesigning purpose and what you desire to accomplish and when they can see the new, fresh look.

SEO is still important

Millions of website dwells on the internet. You need to create a distinguished website design and layout, so that it ranks high on search result and capture searchers attention. Look for strong keyword phrases that searchers use and create engaging content to resolve searchers issues. People can be directed to your website in many ways but if there is no engaging content it is terrible.

Listen to site visitors

After re-launching your website, keep track of visitor’s feedback. Answer their queries, listen to their concerns and if possible, fix their problems as they arise. It is a great test that allows you to know how users respond to your website content.

Repeat new branding

As the website look got redesigned, make sure that it compliments your branding on different platforms. Update social media profile image and headers. Link interesting fresh content, update about us or contact information.

Test for speed

Every time new features or plugins or images get added, the possibility that one of these can slow the site loading speed increases. Speed is crucial or visitors leave in seconds. So, test the speed to avoid feared high bounce rate.

Revamp and re-launch project allow to see your website through fresh perspective.