Whether you are making a website for your small business or a personal portfolio, you want to make it right. If you have registered a site on wordpress.com, you want to know the steps to get the framework of your new site all set up. But, if you are still about to make a site, here is how to make a wordpress website:

Start by sketching out the vital pieces of your website such as important information you want to put and the pages you wish to include. Then, add the basic pages inserting any images and content you have. One of the pages must be your home page and a blank page for your blog. The next thing to do is to choose a theme and create a menu of your new pages so that your visitors can easily navigate the website.

There are still many things you must do to tailor your site; however, you should be off to a great start at this point. Just continuously update your content, add a logo or branding, and connect your website to your social media pages. Setting up a website on wordpress.com should not be easy with all these helpful tips.