11 Effective Ways to Make Money by Google AdSense

When it comes to making money by Google AdSense, you need to follow some tips for the sake of Google advertising the right way.

  • Read and pay heed to the rules stated by Google. Webmasters must strictly follow Google’s webmaster policies and the AdSense program policy.
  • Never click on your own ad or ask others for clicking on them. When you incentivize clicks, purchase PPC space or use a program that can add more traffic to AdSense pages, Google will penalize you. Keep in mind that Google is never forgiving when it comes to not following the rules.
  • Have engaging content that your target market would prefer to read. Eventually, you will make money via AdSense or by other monetizing means, when you offer valuable content and quality traffic to your blog or website.
  • Always make the use of honest and organic traffic building website marketing methods, particularly the SEO and content marketing.
  • Ensure that your blog or website is optimized for mobile in a responsive way. The majority of traffic arrives from mobile users so make sure you are making the use of responsive ads so that Google can send proper ad sizes to mobile devices that are viewing your website.
  • The types and placement of ads must be tested to seek the one that generates the most income. Begin with the standard sizes as there will be many ad options for Google to run.

  • You should max out your ad placement. You can use at least 3 standard ad placements on every page. Make the most of them.
  • You should have ads above the fold, means the part of your page first should be seen without scrolling.
  • Always have a leaderboard ad placed below the header or logo rather than at the top of the page where it can most probably be noticed.
  • Always put in-content ad for making it viral.
  • Keep an eye on your results. Google has a knack for taking you by surprise with the tools and feedback but try your best to check what it has to say about the results and what can be worked upon.